Water Deionizer for Dental Applications

The EauFlow difference
(D) Distillers – (B) Bottled Water – (RO) Reverse Osmosis
EauFlow Other water purification systems
LOW energy use/electricity costs (D)
Medical grade filtration
Suitable for hard water areas Sometimes
User replaceable filters
Avoids need for additional UV filtration (RO)
Works seamlessly with CleanCert Biofilm remover
Low annual maintenance cost (RO)
Improved working conditions (D)
Environmentally friendly – reduced plastic & shipping (D)

Around 60% of the UK has hard or very hard water. This leaves expensive dental equipment covered in chalk-like scales that reduce their lifetime and performance. Protein deposits on scaled surfaces provide food for harmful bacteria.

The EauFlow dental water deionizer improves the quality of your purified water and helps extend the life of your reverse osmosis water filters.

Know the risks | Poor water quality can result in:

Reduce the risks | With the use of EauFlow


  • Boosts the performance of Reverse Osmosis (RO) water purifiers by ‘polishing’ the water, keeping the procedural water ‘fit for purpose’ for longer
  • High-grade mixed beads maximise limescale adsorption – extending time between standard maintenance and reducing frustrating ‘downtime’ for staff
  • 15,000 litres of water throughput per cartridge
  • Change cartridge in seconds using simple push-fit connections
  • Reduces ongoing filter & maintenance costs

EauFlow Knowledge

1. Why EauFlow?

Dental surgeries require purified water for many tasks, including rinsing instruments and filling benchtop sterilisers. Bottled water is expensive to buy, heavy to lift, awkward to store, and contributes to plastic waste. Distillers are extremely slow, power hungry, and produce lots of steam. This excess moisture can cause spores to grow, may trigger allergies and can make decontamination rooms uncomfortable for staff. Reverse Osmosis (RO) is the most efficient solution.


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