Advanced 2-in-1 waterline disinfectant for complete protection

The CleanCert difference
CleanCert Other Waterline Cleaners
100% effective against all five stages of biofilm
Broad Spectrum anti-microbial action
Dual action - Continuous & Shock* *40 mins *12-72 hrs
Removes biofilm in waterlines & connections
Non-toxic for skin eyes and ingestion
Hypoallergenic and pH neutral Some Products
100% Environmentally responsible
Stable HOCL for extended shelf-life

Waterborne bacteria can quickly multiply to form dangerous biofilm, even when using a waterline cleaner.

Offering a higher level of performance and safety, CleanCert is the only 2-in-1 waterline disinfectant solution.
Independent lab tests prove CleanCert both destroys all five stages of biofilm contamination and eliminates the bacteria that form the biofilm.
Discover the TRUE risk of using a single-action waterline cleaner
Biofilm Contamination video

Know the risks | DUWL contamination can occur as a result of:

Reduce the risks | With CleanCert


  • Advanced, all-in-one formulation for continuous use AND shock treatment (ISO 16954)
  • Proven to protect against all five stages of biofilm growth
  • Removes ALL waterborne biofilm and free-floating bacteria from dental waterlines
  • Innovative shock treatment, typically up to 90% faster (i.e. less chair downtime) than other single-action biofilm removers – 40 mins vs 12 hrs
  • Annual cost savings of at least 60% per chair, compared to leading competitors (ask for more details)
  • Non-corrosive- tested to EN21530 compliance
  • Convenient sizes: 1L and 5L bottles for up to 25 shock doses


  • Safe for you, your staff, and your patients – even in concentrate
  • 100% biodegradable – friendly for you and the environment 
  • Non-toxic, non-corrosive – easy storage and disposal
  • Hypoallergenic and pH neutral
  • CE marked as a medical device
  • Validated to international disinfection standards including ISO 16954 (waterlines) & EN 14476 (viruses)
  • Trusted by leading dental groups

No need for complicated and expensive starter kits!

How simple is it to switch from my current product? Click here for details.


It couldn’t be simpler:

1 ) choose whether you want to do continuous dosing or shock treatment process or both.

2) purge waterlines with purified water for 10 seconds, to flush out current product.

3) fill up your dental chair water bottles with CleanCert in the appropriate dilutions (100% for shock, 2% for continuous dosing) and proceed as per label instructions.

No extra starter kits.  No extra equipment.  It couldn’t be simpler!

CleanCert Knowledge

1. Directions For Use (continuous dose and biofilm removal)

CleanCert Waterline Cleaning – Directions for Use

CleanCert Biofilm Remover – Directions for Use



‘Shock’ (biofilm removal) treatment.


‘Continuous’ dosing method at 2%.

2. Why CleanCert?

Traditional single action waterline disinfectant products contain bleaches and harmful quaternary ammonium compounds (QACs) that increase the risks to your patients. These hazardous chemicals also burden an already busy team with extensive dental unit waterline cleaning procedures, time-intensive training, and lengthy health and safety protocols.

Harnessing the power of nature, CleanCert features HOCl as its active ingredient. This powerful, yet biocompatible, compound is produced by the body’s own immune system in response to infection and it destroys microbes in a matter of seconds.

We take the very highest quality HOCl and use a unique stabilisation technique to create a highly effective dual-action biofilm removal product. Not only is CleanCert the most effective HOCl-based product on the market, but it is also one of the most compliant; tested and validated to the highest standards CleanCert provides you with a high degree of confidence and reassurance.

3. Testing & compliance

  • ISO 16954- 2 protocols: biofilm elimination (removal) & continuous dosing (prevention)
  • BS EN 14476 – test methods for the quantitative evaluation of the virucidal activity
  • HTM 01-05 (Decontamination in primary care dental practices)
  • Drinking Water Directive 98/83/EC
  • CE medical device
  • BPR (parts 1-5)/Article 95- list of active disinfectants and suppliers

4. Evidence

5. Data Sheet

CleanCert Data Sheet

6. Product Leaflet

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