Tec-Safe specialises in dental and veterinary decontamination solutions: focusing on innovation, performance and sustainability

Tec-Safe’s Technology

Water (Purification & Disinfection)

Tec-Safe’s water products are the fastest, easiest and most cost-effective way of providing all of your practice’s purified water needs.

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Disinfection (Oral, Surface & Skin)

Tec-Safe’s sustainable disinfectants deliver unsurpassed levels of performance and safety, focusing on biofilm elimination with eco-friendly solutions

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What are you interested in?

Water purification & disinfection

Reverse Osmosis

Designed for daily use in autoclaves, dental chairs, ultrasonic baths, and other clinical water equipment, EauFlow RO delivers hassle-free purified water on tap.

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Waterline Disinfectant & Biofilm Remover

Waterborne bacteria can quickly multiply to form dangerous biofilm, even when using a waterline cleaner.

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Helps extend the performance of your critical decontamination equipment, eg autoclaves, in hard water areas.

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Around 60% of the UK has hard or very hard water. This leaves expensive dental equipment covered in chalk-like scales that reduce their lifetime and performance.

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NB - TVC dipslides give users an idea of bacterial load. They should be monitored in patterns of behaviour and used as an indicator of possible issues in organic water contamination. 

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How Tec-Safe protects your practice

Nature’s powers

Tec-Safe focuses on the benefits of 2 of nature’s most powerful molecules: H20 (water) & HOCl (hypochlorous).

Did you know the H2O water you use today has been around since the beginning of the earth billions of years ago? And that the powerful disinfectant produced in your white blood cells (HOCl) has been perfected by evolution in mammals over millions of years!?

Innovation you can trust!

Founded over 15 years ago, CHL is focused on developing innovative water purification and disinfection solutions for specialist sectors like dentistry and veterinary.

We provide ‘best in class’ water filters and disinfectants into organisations of all sizes, from independents up to the leading corporate groups.

We also provide training into leading decon and water engineer organisations.

Why HOCL from Tec-Safe?

How Biofilm Grows

Discover 5 stages of biofilm growth and how CHL eliminates them quickly and easily

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